Tuesday, June 12, 2012

EAS - Chocolate Mint Bars Review

Here's some info about EAS from their website:

We're here to show you what's possible.
Whether you're an elite athlete or an occasional gym-goer, our goal is to help you discover just how much more you can do. We're a team of scientists, researchers, and all-around fitness fanatics passionate about getting the most out of the human body. Our daily focus is on finding new ways to provide you with the caliber of sports nutrition that uniquely supports your goals.
We work hard to make sure all our products are safe and impactful. So you can keep pushing yourself to the next level. We're the first major brand to achieve 100% certification for banned-substance testing on our products, by two leading independent agencies.
We're changing the game. This is just the beginning.
Since I don't like chocolate, Jared had the honor of reviewing these bars!
Here's what he thought:
10/10 - the taste is great. Love the mint and chocolate blend. The crispy bar has great texture. The product does what it says. It gives you energy and fills you up enough. A great bar for a snack or post workout. Highly recommended. 


Visit EAS website at:


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