Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blake's All Natural Foods Review

Blake's All Natural Foods sent me coupons to try three of their products! 

Here is a little info about Blakes:
When you work with your family for four generations in a farmhouse that was built in the 1700s, it keeps you grounded. It makes you appreciate the basics in life - like the simple pleasure of getting together with family over a healthy and hearty meal. We make it to enjoy such simple pleasures. Blake’s Organic and All-Natural Meals make a great excuse to get together with the people you love and eat food that appeals to your appetite, your conscience and your soul.

Every Blake’s meal is made completely from scratch in small batches using the finest organic and natural ingredients. So leave the cooking to us and enjoy some time with the ones you love.
Organic products are certified Organic by NH Dept. of Agriculture, Markets and Food

I chose the Mac & Cheese with Veggies,  Farmhouse Mac & Cheese, and Chicken Pot Pie to review.

First, I must say that I thought these were really small and wouldn't fill me up, but surprisingly, they did! I ate some carrots along side one meal for lunch and I was fine until my usual snack time around 3 :) 

The Mac & Cheese with Veggies was my FAVORITE!
The cheese was great and the added veggies just gave it OOMPH! 

Farmhouse Mac & Cheese
I didn't like this one as much as the Mac & Cheese with Veggies, but it was still good. I wasn't a fan of the breadcrumbs on top. I think it was a texture thing for me, so if you like breadcrumbs on top, I'm sure you will LOVE this too!

Chicken Pot Pie
I LOVED the crust on this pot pie! So flaky and tasty! YUM! The filling inside was very tasty as well! 


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