Friday, June 8, 2012

Healthy Surprise Box Review

Healthy Surprise is an awesome way to check out new healthy snacks available! 

Each month, Healthy Surprise collects a fine selection of the most delicious and healthy snacks available. The snackologists carefully pair different snacks together, providing an unexpected blend of savory, spicy, and sweet snacks.

Science has proven you eat the foods that are around you. Use our snack delivery system to surround you and your family with the best food possible. 

Q & A with Joe Winke, Founder & Chief Snackologist

Q    -   Do you taste all the snacks that are offered in your packages?
A    -   Yes, as the Chief Snackologist, I taste everything. My COO and fellow snackologist, Tiffany Paralta also tries everything. We work out of a coworking space in Santa Monica, the Coloft and many of the members are clients. We let many of them try things as well and get a general sense of whether the snack will have appeal and as a perk to them. We rate all of the snacks and take notes on them, and then put them up on in our snack library where we keep all of our snack wrappers :)

Q    -   Do you have any advice about healthy eating?
A    -   I like to think of eating healthy as a muscle. Its really hard to just 'switch over' to eating 'all healthy'. You have to work your way towards a cleaner diet and get your discipline and palate stronger. Tastes actually change and people come to crave healthier foods and dislike unhealthier foods. I like to tell people who ask that the first step is to just start eating "food". Only eat things where you can name everything in your meal, and you can mentally visualize each ingredient. If you do that, you're ahead of 95% of the people in this country. Counting calories and carbohydrates are a distraction. Its a way of getting people to think its OK to eat processed garbage, as long as they use a certain system for meting out how much garbage they are allowed to eat.

Q    -   Short bio about the company
A    -   I came up with the idea when a friend of mine sent me a box of healthy foods with a card in it for my birthday a couple years ago. When Startup Weekend LA came around last August, I thought that Healthy Surprise was a business concept I could execute in a weekend. My goals were to a) accept online payments b) find a customer c) deliver a product.
We started coding at 8pm and at 11:03am the next morning, Cameron Webb was our first client. I then proceeded to source healthy snacks over the weekend and made an assortment of boxes. We even made custom stencils and spray painted them to make them unique.
At the end of the event, on Sunday, during and after my presentation i sold over $700 in subscriptions, totally selling out all of the product I had.
I maintained it as a side project until about three weeks later. I'm able to chat with visitors to my site with a little widget I installed. It gives me basic information about who's on my site, including what browser they are using and a rough location. I saw: United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi). I started the chat with "Why is someone from Abu Dhabi on Healthy Surprise!?" - I couldn't believe it. Turns out it was a natural internet lead - she had read a blog, where she clicked on a link which took her to a site which lead her to Healthy Surprise. As we were chatting, she signed up for a $99/month Large Surprise Box. This was literally as far away on the planet you could be and someone signed up for a Large Surprise! I knew I was on to something when this happend, and the next day found a warehouse. I placed a call to Tiffany and hired her on the spot! We've been going ever since!


I thought this was such a neat idea! What could be better than receiving healthy snacks at your doorstep every month?

My favorite snack in this month's box was definitely the Hail Merry Orange and Rosemary Pecans! It was  such a unique flavor! DELICIOUS! 

I highly encourage you to check out the Healthy Surprise Box for yourself! 

I even have a special promo code for you to use so you can get an unlimited $5 off in EVERY Healthy Surprise Purchase!

Check out their website at

Happy Snacking!



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