Saturday, June 2, 2012

Breaking my diet soda habit with Crystal Light

I have always been a fan of diet soda. 
(Diet Dr. Pepper is the bomb!)

When I visit Jared and his family, they have tons of Crystal Light and flavored waters in their fridge. When I am there, I have no desire to drink soda. So, after one visit I decided that I only drank soda at my own house because it was what I had available. I didn't have a craving for it, so I decided to stock my pantry with tons of Crystal Light flavors. I am proud to say that I haven't had a soda in almost a MONTH! I am not saying that drinking soda is bad, I just think that my daily lunch time habit was too much for ME personally. 

I love Crystal Light because it just gives ordinary water a little spark to it...

I just recently tried the new Appletini flavor and OH MY GOSH. It is sooooooo good! It tastes like you're drinking a Jolly Rancher! haha 

Some of my other favorite flavors are...
Peach Tea
Raspberry Green Tea
Raspberry Lemonade

Talk to you drink soda? Are you a fan of Crystal Light? What is your favorite flavor?


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