Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Anahola Granola Review

Anahola Granola sent me some of their bars to review!
Here's some info from their website: 
Anahola Granola has been hand made in Hawaii since 1986. We believe the simple idea that granola is best when ingredients are fresh, local and unadulterated.  Anahola Granola captures the exotic flavorings of our tropical paradise to bring the fresh Hawaiian taste to you.
All of our products are made with the highest quality ingredients, with no preservatives. We use a healthy portion of nuts and seeds, the best unsulphered tropical fruits available, canola oil and Hawaiian honey. The special flavoring in our products is pure vanilla made from Madagascar beans, which we grind and infuse to our exact specifications.
We bake and pack Anahola Granola by hand and ship throughout Hawaii and the Mainland the next day.

My Review: 10/10!
These bars were SO chewy and delicious. I loved the coconut flakes on each bar. They added a sweet flavor. 

I enjoyed the Mango Ginger, Tropical, and Original Flavors. They all tasted fabulous. My favorite part about these bars was the TEXTURE! So soft and chewy, they didn't hurt your jaw like some other granola bars do. 

Jared is going to try the Chocolate Chip flavor when I see him next... but I KNOW he will love it.... Coconut and chocolate?!?! That's his FAVORITE!!!


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