Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Powerful Yogurt Review

Powerful Yogurt sent me some of their products to review!
Here's some info from their website: 
When we began the development of Powerful Yogurt, we knew the kind of product we wanted. In addition to the non-negotiable requirements of incredible taste and convenience, we wanted this to be a product that absolutely any active, health-oriented man would want to eat.

But we didn't want to produce yet another "muscle meal" that had been engineered in a lab and contained a list of hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

Our product had to be simple, all-natural, healthy, and wholesome – all while still delivering the protein and great taste than men need and want.

We put together a team of experts to achieve that goal and they put their collective years of health, nutrition, and diet expertise into this product.

The result? Every cup of Powerful Yogurt will help you improve your body and your health.  

Health Benefits
Our all-­‐natural line of Powerful Yogurt is formulated to help men:
Build Muscle: With a massive 20-­‐25 grams of high-­‐quality protein per cup, Powerful Yogurt supports your efforts to build quality muscle and repair muscle tissue. It also has all of the essential amino acids needed for muscle repair and function.
Burn Fat: Studies have shown that dietary intake of calcium through yogurt can aid in fat loss. Improve Digestive Health: Powerful Yogurt is high in beneficial live bacteria cultures such as
Lactobacillus. By eating yogurt that is high in these cultures, one can improve digestive function. In addition, Powerful Yogurt is gluten-­‐free and kosher.

Review: 11/10!
WOWSERS! I thought Greek Yogurt was good, but this stuff is even BETTER!!!! PROTEIN PACKED GREEK YOGURT! WHAT UP!!! 

I realized this yogurt is geared toward men, but I LOVED it too! I'm not scared to eat protein! 

They have Banana, Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry, Blueberry Acai, Mango, and Plain flavors. I loved them all, but if I just HAD to choose a favorite, it would be APPLE CINNAMON. It tasted like a decadent DESSERT. MMM!!!!

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