Monday, April 22, 2013

Awesome Bars Review

Awesome bars sent me some product to review!
Here's some info from their website:
Healthy + handcrafted + natural ingredients + biodegradable wrapper = Awesome Bars.
In our little granola factory, we believe that food can only be as good as its ingredients. Which means, no fake “stuff” is added to our wholesome bars. Only real ingredients from real people; because really, you can’t fake awesome. 
One day, Chef Leah had an energy bar epiphany. She decided that there needed to be a better snack; a delicious snack that’s made with pure and natural ingredients. And most importantly, this snack needed to be awesome.  
So, Leah sought out to make a healthy and super yummy snack for the world. Something simple that would satisfy the hungry people running up mountains and the people running the world. 

Awesome Bars are created by Chef Leah Melnik (AKA, Master of Awesome) and her sister, Stephanie (AKA, Director of Awesome). Leah and Stephanie, along with the help from their amazing and devoted friends, create Awesome Bars in their hometown of
San Francisco. Their prime goal is to ensure that you always have something healthy and tasty in your hand for a happy belly. 

Stay awesome!

Because they all had chocolate in them, my lovely fiance HAPPILY reviewed them for me! 

Awesome bars are simply 'awesome'. Everything from the taste to the packaging.  The packing is very cool, and very simple. The bar itself tastes awesome. It's very filling.  They are  much better then many other 'granola' bars I've tasted. You can see each of the ingredients in the bar that's listed on the side.  Each of these flavors were a 10/10 easily.

Cherry almond

Salty peanut

Coconut pecan

Cranberry trail mix

Blueberry almond

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