Saturday, March 26, 2011

hard to believe...

I can't believe I've been watching Maddie for a little over a year and a half.

(I couldn't find a pic of her any younger than this, but I know I started watching her before this pic was taken..)

I love her and her wonderful family!

I have had many fun times playing with Maddie while her parents enjoyed a night out.

I'm really sad they are moving, but excited for them at the same time!


Tonight, Maddie started crying about an hour after I put her to bed, so I went upstairs and just held her for a little while and she went back to sleep. I had a flashback to one of the FIRST times I watched her and she just wouldn't lay down in her crib, so I just let her fall asleep in my arms and I just rocked her til her parents came home. SUCH A SWEET MEMORY! and I thought God gave me a wonderful gift to be able to do that again tonight!


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Anonymous said...

This is so sweet, Kelsey!!

Love you!
Grandma K


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