Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nashville Extravaganza

Me and Krissy.

First stop, PEDICURES!!!
Gosh, it's been OVER two years since I've had one, and boy did it feel GOOOOOOD! :)
sooooo relaxing!

pretty feet!
Next stop, dinner at a fancy shmancy restaurant, Sambuca.
It had a live band playing, which was really neat!

I was unimpressed with my food though.
I paid $21 for 6 measley pieces of shrimp.
and they only gave me like a 10th of each little vegetable.
I hate rice, so I didn't eat that... lol
Needless to say, I was glad I brought a granola bar with me because I was definitely still hungry.

Next stop: goofing off in Urban Outfitters!

We wrapped up the night with YUMMY FRO-YO!
I got cake batter.

I'm so glad I finally let loose a little and SPENT some money and had a GREAT time with a GREAT friend!!!


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