Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brother's All-Natural Fruit Crisps Review

Brother’s All Natural FRUIT CRISPS

A little info about them that was on the brochure inside the package:

Not baked – loses too much flavor

Not fried- adds loads of fat

Not dehydrated- adds preservatives

Not sweetened dried- adds sugar


100% All Natural, Real Sliced Fruit

One Year Shelf Life

2 Fruit Servings PER BAG!

Overall, I LOVED these! They were so good, and not to mention that just one bag upped my fruit intake by 2 for the day! (these would be really good for little kids that are picky eaters because they wouldn’t even know they were eating fruit – they taste like candy, yes, they are that good!) I enjoyed them by themselves, but my favorite way to enjoy them was mixing them into my yogurt messes! YUM! I’ve listed them in order from my MOST favorite to least favorite!

Pear: 11/10! Way better than I was expecting!

I couldn’t choose which was my favorite between PEAR AND STRAWBERRY BANANA! They were both AWESOME!

Strawberry Banana- 11/10! SO GOOD! The flavors of strawberry and banana were super strong and soooooo tasty!

Banana- 10/10! Such a strong flavor! Loved it!

Mixed Berry 10 out of 10! YUM!

(had to get a little creative with my pictures!)

Apple Cinnamon – 9/10 YUM! (these were so good mixed with Cinnamon Burst Cheerios and Vanilla Yogurt! DESSERT!!)

Apple – 9/10, good, but they didn’t have as much flavor as the other ones!

Pineapple – YUM! 8/10, only because the pieces were so small, it would be hard to eat on the go…BUT it was PERFECT for my yogurt mess! It added extra pineapple flavor and volume.

Strawberry- 8/10- for some reason the plain strawberry didn’t have as strong of a flavor as the strawberry banana, but I DID like the fact that the crisps looked like little strawberries! So cute!


Peach- 7/10- not my favorite. The flavor wasn’t too strong, but I definitely like the other flavors better than this one!

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Cookie Girl said...

I have tried these and wow they are yummy!!! I tried the strawberry and banana and just strawberry!! All the other flavors sound amazing! I have to order some more!!! Thanks for the review on all the flavors!

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