Monday, April 11, 2011


Overall, I LOVED Umpqua Oats! They were so filling and delicious! Great as breakfast, snack, or along with a "breakfast for dinner" meal!

I'm going to post the flavors in order from my MOST favorite to least favorite.

Lei’d Back – 11 out of 10. Felt like I was on vacation in Hawaii – filled with cashews, macadamia nuts, coconut, papaya, cranberries, and cinnamon! SO TASTY!

Mostly Sunny 10 out of 10. So good and flavorful! Creamy thick oats filled with raisins cranberries apples and cinnamon YUM!

Old School -Granny Smith Gone Wild. 9/10 I expected a little more apple flavor, but It was still really good!


Kick Start- 8/10. It was good, but didn’t have as much flavor as the other ones.


Take a Hike- 8/10 – tasted good and kept me full, but it didn’t have as much fruit as the other ones. I like the fruity stuff better!

R U Nutz? – 8/10 – This was very filling, but once again, I like the fruity stuff better. It was still really good though!!

Not Guilty 4 out of 10. gross! I thought I would like this one the most because it is the healthiest - no added sugar, but OH MY GOSH, you can definitely tell the sugar is missing! It was NASTY to me... I'll take a little sugar over bad taste any day! (I think if you were to add a little of your own sugar, this oatmeal would be JUST as tasty as the rest!)

(I don't like chocolate at all, so she graciously tried this one for me! haha)

If you don't like milky or soupy oatmeal then I would cut back on the water.
The taste is very mild, and it may be improved by adding a little extra honey or a banana.
I'd give this oatmeal a 7. Edible, filling, easy to make, biodegradable package, but not the best flavor.

Overall, I loved trying these delicious and nutritious oatmeals! I would totally recommend going out and trying some for yourself! You will NOT be disappointed!


Anonymous said...

I think you do a great job with your reviews!

Grandma K

Shannon said...

Yum! I love oatmeal and reallyyy want to try these!! :) Thanks for all the awesome reviews :)

Clay said...

Another reviewer suggested "not guilty" as a favorite because it could be sweetened to individual taste. That makes sense to me as some like a little sweet and others (me) like a lot sweet.

Kels said...

yes, you're right.. I was just trying to review them as they came in the package. I definitely added some splenda the second time and it was FABULOUS!!! :)

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