I sign up for freebies and giveaways ALL the time, and I have gotten pretty lucky lately!

I was a third prize winner in the Skinny Cow Perfect Cup Sweepstakes in which won a free cup of their icecream!

I won a giveaway on
www.happymomblogger.wordpress.com for PUREBARS!


btw, I had to dig right in and try one... Cherry Cashew was DELICIOUS!

Now on to a new creation...

Kelsey's Apple Cheese Jam Sandwich!

To Create:
1 Sandwich thin bun (or regular bread, it doesn't matter)
Spread some strawberry jam on one side (or whatever flavor you desire)
Put a slice of cheese on the other side
Broil in the oven til the cheese is nice and melted
Add apple slices

it's sooooooooooo good!


happymomblogger said…
Hi Kelsey! How are you liking the Pure Bars? :)