Thursday, November 3, 2011

Totally Nutty Granola

Upfront Foods was kind enough to send me their Totally Nutty Granola to try and review.

Here is a little info from their website.

Great tasting granola, straightforward food.

Can we be up front with you? There is no secret ingredient in Upfront Granola. In fact, our granola is so good because we have nothing to hide. There's simply no room with only 9 simple ingredients, no preservatives or artificial ingredients and it’s 100% whole grain. You'll even find the nutrition label right on the front of the package so it’s easy to make a healthier choice! It's simply part of our honest-to-goodness promise to help feed you well and make your life easier.

My Rating:
10/10! So good and crunchy. Loved the almonds and pecans with sea salt flavor.

I just ate this by itself as a snack and it was delicious. My next snack is going to involve mixing it into some yogurt! YUM YUM!

Please try some of this granola!!!

1 comment:

Shannon @ Healthiful Balance said...

Sounds delish! About to go check out the website right now :)


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