Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nature's Hand Granola Review

Nature's Hand was kind enough to send me two of their granola flavors to try and review on my blog!

Here is a little info from their website:
Over 40 years ago, two Bavarian immigrants who resided in Minnesota decided they wanted to begin blending and baking their own unique mix of grains and nuts. This recipe would come straight from Northern Europe and was a recipe that had been used and shared with many people back in the old country. The founders never had any intention of marketing and selling their product initially. They baked it simply because they loved the taste of the granola they were making.
For the next three decades, the founders baked and sold their granola, slowly expanding their reach over much of southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin. They originally formed a company called Nature’s Harvest, but then changed the name to Nature’s Hand a few years later. The company had a loyal customer base that used the product as a cereal, a topping, and a baking ingredient with other delicious recipes.
After 35 years of hard work and the building of a successful brand, the founders decided it was time to retire. At that time, a small private investment group came together to purchase the company and trasitioned the ownership in the Fall of 2005.
Today, Nature’s Hand granola continues to evolve. While the company still offers its Original Vanilla Almond flavor, the recipes have been enhanced to add flavor and texture to the granola while still maintaining the health benefits of the product. We are proud of what we have developed because it gives us the best of both worlds; our original, foundational granola and our new, enhanced granolas.

Now, for my yummy rating!

Both of these flavors were absolutely DELICIOUS!
I love the fact that it was all natural-no artificial anything!

Cinnamon Apple
French Vanilla Almond
Both of these flavors earned a 10/10!

But, if I had to choose a favorite, it would be French Vanilla Almond...
it was a unique flavor. I've never had any granola flavored like it before! It was like dessert! YUM!!!

The Cinnamon Apple was equally delicious!

Please try some of this granola ASAP!


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Shannon @ Healthiful Balance said...

I love granola! I'll check out this brands website :)


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