Friday, July 27, 2012

About TIme Whey Protein Isolate

Here is some info on About Time from their website:
Prepare to expect more from protein supplements and meal replacement bars, and less of the things your body can do without. About Time is simply the cleanest protein product on the market today: No artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners.
The difference comes from using only natural ingredients and 100% whey protein isolate, not the less pure protein concentrates that have flooded the market. The result is a quality you can taste, and a nutritional superiority your body will feel. Check out all the About Time products at our online store.
The test results for heavy metals in About Time protein are impressive. The numbers are extremely LOW. Many of the top brands of whey protein have high heavy metals numbers. SDC wants you to know we have our customer’s best interests in mind as we develop our products.

It’s the most common question women ask when planning a workout regimen: How can I tone muscle without gaining weight? A big part of the answer is to include a quality whey protein supplement such as About Time.
Protein boosts your metabolism, which is the rate at which your body burns food for energy. Think about a coal burning oven. The more coal you add, the hotter and faster the fire burns. This is what occurs when you add protein to your body; the more protein you consume, the faster you metabolize, and the more calories you burn. Protein also promotes lean muscle mass. This doesn’t mean you will grow large muscles. Instead, muscles become toned and sculpted. Remember that muscles are made up of proteins. And by supplementing your diet with a high quality whey isolate, you will increase lean muscle tissue, recover from exercise quicker, and boost your metabolism.

My Review:

Cinnamon Swirl- 7/10. I drank this just mixed with water and it was very soupy. I didn't like the texture very much. (but, I didn't notice that it said to use only 8 oz. of water, instead of the usual 12 that all the other protein powders I've used before said...)

Strawberry & Vanilla - 8/10. These flavors tasted better because I used only 8 oz of water. :) 

Banana - 10/10! This was my favorite flavor! I used it with watermelon, cherries, and pineapple coconut yogurt for a YUMMY smoothie!!! 

Please visit their website!

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