Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Working Out on Vacation

What do you do when you are on vacation without a gym?

Well, Jared and I brought a few pieces of equipment WITH us and got our workout on inside the condo!!!

First up, we did some different exercises with the TRX, medicine ball, resistance band, foam roller, and our body weight. 

Works your upper back and biceps 

The TRX goes over the door and is great for working your back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, just depending on what moves you do. 


Upper Back and Biceps

Upper Back (this position is advanced) 

Pushups with the resistance band (advanced move)  

Abs (we did straight forward and our knees to the side to work obliques)

Diamond Pushups (REALLY feel the burn in your triceps after this one!!!) 
Alternating Pushups on the medicine ball

I'm so grateful for Jared showing me some awesome moves that you DON'T need a gym for! Previously, I would get TOTALLY bummed if we went on vacation without a gym. But, Jared has shown me SO many variations of exercises that you can do and it makes me shake up my routine, which has REALLY shown results! :) 

The other awesome advice that he has given me and has improved my overall health and fitness is to EAT PROTEIN like it's going out of style! I feel TEN TIMES stronger ever since we started dating and I've been eating more!!! If you missed my previous post about that, you can check it out here! Thanks babe! YOU ROCK! 
(Sorry, I just had to give Jared a shout out!) 

Talk to me...what do YOU do when you don't have a gym on vacation? Or do you even use a gym regularly to workout? What do you do? 


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