Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mini Pops Review

Mini Pops sent me 4 flavors of their products to review!

Here's a little info about Mini Pops:

Sorghum is the 5th most harvested cereal grain on the globe. In the USA, over 8 million acres of land (see below)  is devoted to sorghum farming which happens to require far less water to grow than corn.
There are several different sub-types of sorghum, but the sorghum used for Mini Pops is specifically grown to be of the highest quality and free of anypesticides or genetic modification. And whereas places like India, Africa and China produce sorghum in large quantities, the Sorghum used for Mini Pops are farmed right here in the USA.


I gotta admit, at first, when the company asked me to review their product, I thought it was just going to be popcorn in a mini bag, but I was wrong! It actually looked like MINIATURE POPCORN!! Check out the picture of it in my hand below! 

It took a minute to get used to the size, but the taste was spot on! 

I give this product an 8/10.
The reason is because it was a little difficult to eat with my hands, so it wasn't the most convenient little snack... I had to use a spoon! haha 

The Sea Salt flavor was a little bland, but I liked the Butter and White Cheddar flavors! I didn't eat the chili flavor because I don't like hot stuff! haha I'm a sissy! 

Please check out their website:


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