Sunday, April 10, 2011


So, Saturday morning our church had Operation Serve: School Edition. My assignment was at my alma mater, my highschool! We trimmed bushes, fixed flower beds, and just cleaned up around the school to make it look nicer. (they said the bushes hadn't been trimmed for THREE YEARS! crazy!) It was nice to work with my friend Amanda and made a new friend, Jane. I was so thankful the weather was absolutely perfect! SUNNY SKIES! :)

Then, the day got even more super because...


yes, you read that correctly.

It's crazy how God works, but I wasn't at all expecting anything and BAM!

Clifton and I went to the same highschool, but he was 2 years older, so we never really hung out or anything. He randomly chatted with me on facebook one day saying that he WORKED with my dad before with an event at the bank, and that he just realized that I was his daughter! haha after that, we just kept talking and he eventually asked me out!

Of course, I had to smack talk about my bowling skills, so last Tuesday, we went with 2 other people. He won the first game by a few pins, and he got all excited. Then, I won the second game by a few pins and so we HAD to have a tie breaker.

well guess what???



He was totally shocked with my skills, haha.

but, of course his story is that he "let me win".

I'm glad we got to hangout with friends in a group setting first because it broke the ice. We had a blast!

So, last night, we went on our first official date. He took me to Kohana (super good Sushi place).
He asked what I liked and I said anything with shrimp really. So he told me to pick a roll and that he would pick one that he thought I would like too...well guess what happened? I PICKED THE EXACT roll he was going to pick!

We had a lovely time chatting and the restaurant actually closed, so we had to leave. When he brought me back home, we just sat and talked for an HOUR!!!

ahhhh I love first dates. It's so much fun getting to know someone and see what we have in common...and Clifton and I have a LOT.


oh, and did I forget to mention that he already goes to my church? I had no idea! I always go to a different service depending on what service they need me to volunteer, and he goes to a different service depending on what time he works... AND at the last Operation Serve, we worked at the SAME location and didn't even realize it. (that one was a big block party in a rough part of town, so we covered a bigger area) isn't it just crazy how we've crossed paths all this time, but never really noticed each other?

but, I know that God has it all under control.
and that is SUCH a good feeling.

We'll see what happens...


Nikki said...

i love that feeling too :)
...too bad i haven't felt it in a while :P but like you said, God has it all under control :)

Elizabeth Birdwell said...

Soooooooo excited for you sweet niece!!! Keep me updated! Love you SO much!!

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