Thursday, March 18, 2010

sneak peek of pretty weather?

Today was really nice outside! It was really pretty. I hope that it gets a little warmer and stays that way! :-)

I am happy to report that I finished my 5 page reflection paper over my kindergarten observation and only have 2 more things left to do for MY 23 THINGS in Technology class. It's such a relief to be ahead...I am so thankful I am not on the other of my friends had to stay up LATE two nights in a row and work NON-STOP on all the Things and other assignments we had due at Midnight. She was extremely stressed...but she got it all done I think!

I'm enjoying reading this book called Boy Meets Girl. One of my good friends let me borrow it. It's about courtship from the Christian perspective. It couldn't have been brought into my life at a better timing! It stresses developing a FRIENDSHIP first, and being patient. It is really helping me, because I tend to be impatient at times. GOD IS SO GOOD! He has really blessed me-great family, friends, and church- just to name a few. :)

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