oh so graceful...

so tonight, I definitely made a GRAND ENTRANCE at Community Group...I totally tripped and FLEW in the doorway!!! HAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard! Wow. What a great moment to share with my friends, because they too burst into a fit of laughter. It was so fun! (don't worry, I didn't get hurt one bit, just laughed til my sides hurt)

But the funny thing was, not even TWO minutes before that happened, I was talking to my friends in the car about how I almost fell flat on my face at the Y a few days ago...so it was 289737809 times funnier to me, Heather, and Nikki...(I always pick them up and drive to our leader's house, so they just heard the story before my grand entrance occured!)




Heather Kennedy said…
i'm still laughing about it :)