Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what a lovely semester!

I seriously LOVE this semester! It is so stress free. I thank God all the time. I seriously think He is rewarding me for working my butt off last semester!

Poor little Myrtle has been sick since Sunday. She stayed home from school yesterday and today. I hope she gets to feeling better soon! We went outside and colored with chalk for about half an hour today-wanted to get her outside in the nice sunshine if she felt up to it and she did! So, hopefully that made her feel a little better. I just love that girl! :)

I wrote down Myrt and Robbo's baseball schedule in my planner. I look forward to watching them play! I am ready to watch Kacy too, it's just been too cold before now, but hopefully after they get back from the tournament in Florida for Spring Break it will be nice here for good and it will be perfect weather for baseball! :)

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