Sunday, March 21, 2010

weekend update

This weekend has been babysitting free. I missed it, but it was nice to relax too. On saturday, I spent time with my mom. We went shopping. I bought two new tops, capris, and a purse. I enjoyed spending time with mom. She has been busy with Kacy's senior year, and it was nice just to have some time with her by myself. I love her so much! After we were done shopping, we went to my parent's house and watched a movie with Kacy and Daddy. We also ordered yummy Papa Johns. :) It was great!

Today, I helped in the baby room and went to church after. It is storming here, so my friends and I postponed our picnic in my parent's neighborhood. Instead, I read my book and actually FELL ASLEEP!!! aaaahhhh. That nap was GREAT! I usually rest my head, but never actually fall asleep, but today I definitely did! haha

Now, I'm off to the Denleys for dinner and Bible Study! :)

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