Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Go Raw Review

 GO RAW sent me a huge box of goodies to review!

Here's some info about products I recieved from the GO RAW company:
Undoubtedly, the easiest way to incorporate living foods into anyone's diet. We each have our favorite as they are all so unique.
Flax Snax
The ultimate flax cracker - pure and simple. This is the product that started it all and still remains to be a favorite among many happy customers
 Super Chips/Super Cookies
Finally, a snack we can all feel great about. Made without any added sugar, oils, flour or animal products of any kind, these little bites manage to satisfy those cravings and can be highly addictive! Treat your sweet tooth with something your whole body will thank you for.

Freeland Foods is a team of amazing individuals who are dedicated to revolutionizing the food industry. We are committed to perfecting our “process”. It starts with the seeds – finding the best, local when available – testing and inspecting - soaking in filtered water – rinsing and cleaning – then sprouting for up to four hours. The sprouts are then mixed with the highest quality raw, organic ingredients we can find. We hand spread the mixture onto trays and then load them into our custom built dehydrators where they’ll sit for up to two days at an average temperature of 98 degrees. The finished product is then packaged in house on our dedicated equipment then stored and shipped in our facility. We love what we do and we’re always looking for new ways to improve. We look forward to any feedback or suggestions you may have.
-Our products are still alive! If you plant them they will grow!
-We have our own beautiful Raw-Vegan, Nut free facility where we do
everything ourselves in house. From sorting and washing the seeds, to
dehydrating in our custom made dehydration systems, and packaging.
-We source only the highest quality certified Organic ingredients, with
the highest health benefits.
-Our mission is to create the healthiest, most delicious, and convenient
Raw-Vegan food possible. Made with pure love, to give the gift of good


 Now, for my review!

7/10. I liked the Banana Flax and Real Live Flax flavor, but the rest of the bars' textures just weren't my favorite. The bars were pretty thin, so they didn't fill me up at all...

Super Chips/Cookies:
9/10! I LOVED all of these flavors except the Masala Chai and Lemon flavors. (that's the only reason I gave them a 9) The Spirulina, Carrot Cake & Original tasted FABULOUS! I liked that I could eat 22 pieces for only about 160ish calories. These were a nice little treat that you can feel GOOD about eating!

Flax Snax:
10/10! Pizza is my FAVORITE food, so these little crackers were great! I loved them! 

Visit their website and check out some of their products for yourself!


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