Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pur Gum Review

Pur Gum sent me some product to review! 

Info about Pur Gum:

PÜR Gum is the #1 selling aspartame-free better tasting, long-lasting gum. Now there's a great tasting gum made especially for people who are looking for a healthy alternative to aspartame-free chewing gum.

We love our Gum!!

Most gums on the market are made with the ingredient Aspartame- a man-made synthetic sweetener that's been linked to many diseases. The FDA has listed 92 acknowledged symptoms of aspartame poisoning (we're not making this stuff up).

There's hope everyone! PÜR Gum is sweetened with Xylitol, a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol found in corn cobs and stalks which a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Made in Switzerland, PÜR Gum gives YOU the highest standard of chewing gum on the market (because we care just that much!!) Wait, there's more...Infused with antioxidants, PÜR is naturally coloured and flavoured, vegan friendly, free of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and gluten-free.

Available in four delicious and tantalizing flavours: Peppermint, Pomegranate Mint, Spearmint and eXcitemint, YOU can KICK ASPARTAME to the curb with PÜR Gum.

What has your gum done for you lately?


First of all, I just have to show you their advertisement:


I love it!

10/10! This gum is fantastic! It keeps the flavor a longgggg time and it doesn't hurt my jaw after chewing for a while! I liked how they had the classic flavors (Peppermint & Spearmint) then, they had ExciteMINT and Pomegranate Mint. I liked all the flavors, but pomegranate mint was probably my favorite. It was fruity and minty at the same time. WIN WIN!

Please visit their website at

Try some of this awesome gum for yourself!

Pur Gum challenges YOU to kick aspartame!!!


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