Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three things for Tuesday!

1. I just hit the jackpot at Walmart! I found this brand new BEN & JERRY'S FROZEN GREEK YOGURT! To make it even better...get this...it is PEANUT BUTTER BANANA flavored!!!!! Oh.My.Gosh. It's insanely good! It even has 6 grams of protein in it!!!!!!! Perfect little treat! 

2. I love saving money, but I decided to splurge on this beauty... Yup, that's right...a 4 pack of Monster Absolute Zero. I only let myself have those once in a blue moon (because I'm crazy and hyper enough without them!) but this 4 pack was on sale for $6 so I had to take advantage of it!

3. Here's the 3rd Day of the Health Activist Writer's Challenge: 

 Superpower Day. If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it? 

Hmmm... I would definitely pick the ability to fly! I would be able to fly anywhere for free and would be able to get there in a FLASH! Sometimes, long car trips are fun, but I'd much rather spend more time at the destination than sitting in the car all day.

What's something new that you've found lately? 
What superpower would you pick?


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