Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jolly Llama Review

Jolly Llama was kind enough to send me coupons to pick out two flavors of their squeezups to try.
I picked Banana Coconut and Blueberry!

Here is a little info from their website:
Jolly Llama was founded with the simple belief that frozen treats should be made with only the healthiest, highest quality ingredients –offering peace of mind to grocery shoppers everywhere.

Now onto my review:

Banana Coconut Sorbet:10/10! This was such a delicious treat! The flavors tasted amazing together! Yum!

Blueberry: 10/10! It was a great blueberry flavor! They don't just taste good, they are good for you! Can't beat that!

Please visit their website and try some for yourself!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I neeeeed to try those sometime!!! :D I feel so left out over here in Germany.. you get all the good food! :P


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