Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lucy's Gluten Free Cookies Review

Lucy's was kind enough to send me some of their cookies to try and review on my blog!

Here is a little info about Lucy's:

“When Dr. Lucy Gibney discovered her child had severe food allergies, she got down to some serious medical research—in the kitchen. Today, Lucy's gluten-free, allergy-friendly are a delicious alternative for those with and without special dietary considerations.

Lucy’s cookies are made in a dedicated bakery where we use the best available testing methods to exclude specific allergens: gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

As an M.D. and mother of a child with severe food allergies, Dr. Lucy Gibney brings understanding and first-hand knowledge of the importance of strict quality standards and how to achieve them. With clear ingredient and allergen information on our packaging and careful selection of all raw materials, she employs the very best methods for quality control.”


Now, for my review:

I enjoyed ALL of these flavors and gave them all a 10/10. If I just HAD to put them in order of my best favorite to least favorite it would go like this:

Maple Bliss - nice sweet flavor

Oatmeal - hearty and delicious

Cinnamon - tasted just like a regular snickerdoodle

Sugar - simple and sweet

All of the cookies tasted good on their own, but since they were super crunchy, I also REALLY liked adding them to my yogurt messes and oatmeal!

Lucy's cookies rock! They taste great, and they are also gluten free for all of those who can't eat gluten. They are the perfect little treat! YUM!

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