Tuesday, January 3, 2012

STRONG is the new skinny

Hollywood likes to promote skinny women.

Most of those women are malnourished, exercise wayyyyy too much, don't eat hardly anything, and/or throw up their food. That is NOT healthy at all.

I went through a rough patch of my own in middle school. The media and bullying was a big factor in my poor body image. I don't want ANYBODY to go through what I did...

Now that I am at a healthy weight, I have so much more energy, I don't have trouble sleeping at night because I am SO STINKIN' hungry, and I just enjoy life and laugh a lot more!

I want to inspire women to be HEALTHY.

I want to encourage women to have SELF-CONFIDENCE and feel good about themselves.

I saw this quote a few months ago on NHERSHOES and fell in love.


A lot of women tend to be hesitant about lifting weights and gaining muscle because they're scared they will get bulky. I'm proof that it is NOT TRUE. I love lifting weights and building lean muscle mass. Being strong is SO much better than being skinny.

So, I've decided to share a few of my favorite strength exercises.

Planks - work your entire core!

Side Planks - work your obliques

Pushups - tone those arms! Pretty soon, you'll have people asking you for tickets to the gun show!

Bicep Curls



My mom had a little fun with photoshop, so I had to show you what she created! HAHA

I hope that this post will inspire at least ONE person out there to strive to be STRONG AND HEALTHY, and not let the peer pressure and the unhealthy images that Hollywood portrays.

Leave me a comment...what are YOUR thoughts???


Kristin Miller said...

I NEED TO ADD THE SIDE OBLIQUES PLANK! I'm such a pansy. Running? I'll do a marathon. Strength? I cry. You're 100% right. People mag puts out the GREATEST yearly repeat with "Then and now" real people who lost weight. As I always say, "Americans will do everything to lose weight except eat healthy and exercise." Do I get super lacking in confidence, especially around my stick thin friends? You betcha, but I'm working on it. Most of them don't work out and eat whatever whenever, which is also unhealthy. So, go you! Inspire!

Shana said...

you rock it! I just learned this week what a plank was!!

Shannon said...

TOTALLY agree with you! Once your at a healthy weight you'll feel SO much better and start to enjoy life more! :) And I dont think anyone should have to go through bullying either. It's so mean and hurts so many people!

You look STRONG and beautiful! <3

BlueEyedBarbie said...

Great post girl. I agree completely!

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