Vixibar Review

Vixibar was kind enough to send me some of their bars to try and review on my blog.

Here's some info about Vixibar from their website:
The VixiBar team is an active & lively bunch - we know first-hand that eating pure, delicious food our bodies can use leads to the extraordinary ability to do...anything!

Kate Criswell - Founder & CEO
Kate is a passionate athlete, nutrition consultant and certified personal trainer. Kate founded her successful company, Xceed Fitness, to help people achieve their individual health and fitness goals. Her customer-focused philosophy of tailoring programs to meet individual needs has led to remarkable customer loyalty, with many clients still with her after 5 years. Kate is the heart and soul of VixiBar - her drive, passion and intimate knowledge of health and nutrition are critical to the success & credibility of the brand.

VixiBar™ is on a mission to let everyone know that they can have a natural food
bar with both a functional benefit AND great taste - a bar without compromise


Now, for my review:

PB & J – 10/10! This tasted just like a good ol’ PB & J! I thought it looked a little small, but it was pretty filling! These wereLink great as a pre-workout snack, or just a tasty snack in general! Of course, I can’t deny that I love the fact that they have 12 g of protein!

Cherry Biscotti – 10/10! This bar was nice and sweet. It tasted like dessert to me. I loved it!

Apple Crisp- 10/10! This tasted just like apple pie. I think this was my favorite flavor! YUM!


These bars were great! Please visit their website and try some for yourself!