Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Finn Crisp was kind enough to send me some of their crispbread to review!

Here's a little info about Finn Crisp from their website:

Thin crispbreads bursting with healthy whole grains are ideal as healthy and low fat snacks or just crunchy festive fun.

On FINN CRISP range of crispbreads there are plenty of tasty products from multigrain thin crispbreads to round crispbreads to original thin crisps flavored with caraway, garlic or coriander. The new FINN CRISP Plus range provides you an even tastier and healthier crunch. All our crispbreads are delicious yet nutritious.

Baking so much goodness into something so slim and delicious takes real dedication. FINN CRISP has spent years perfecting the art of baking delicious thin crispbreads, that burst with healthy wholegrain and fiber.

Now, for my review!

Each of the Crispbread flavors were packed full of fiber and had only 20 calories per slice.

They sent me four flavors.

Original, Caraway, Multigrain, and Wholegrains Plus.

I enjoyed ALL of the flavors. They were all crisp and were perfect with cheese and turkey. I even liked munching them on their own!

Here's my order of favorites:
Wholegrains Plus

Please visit their website and order some for yourself!

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