Saturday, February 25, 2012


So... you know how much I LOVE YOGURT....
Well, Chobani hooked me up again with their BRAND NEW FLAVORS!!!

I enjoyed ALL of these flavors. If I just HAD to choose the order in which I liked them the most, it would go like this:
Passion Fruit
Apple Cinnamon
Blood Orange

I thought the Passion Fruit was SO UNIQUE and unlike any other flavored yogurt I've had before.

Apple Cinnamon was incredibly tasty, just like I thought it would!

Blood Orange was tasty as well. I have never eaten a blood orange before, so this flavor was new to me! I liked it!

I love enjoying Chobani in my YOGURT MESSES and OATGURT.

My favorite combination for OatGurt is Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal & Apple Cinnamon Chobani. All you do is make the oatmeal like the package says, then mix in a cup of Chobani. Put in the fridge overnight, and enjoy cold the next day!

Chobani wants to let one of my readers win a CASE of these new flavors too!!!


Leave me a comment telling me YOUR favorite way to eat Chobani.

Additional Entry:
Follow me on Twitter and Tweet this Giveaway, "This WILL be my lucky entry. I'm gonna win the new @Chobani flavors from @Christianqt07! "

Leave me a comment telling me that you did the additional entry as well.

Giveaway ends on Saturday, March 3rd.


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