Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Night with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan!

I got tickets to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan for my birthday, and after 4 months, I finally got to use them!!! I invited my friend, Krissy, to join me. We had an absolute BLAST!!!!!

First up, was dinner at Big River Grille. Krissy got chicken enchiladas and I got the Hawaiian Chicken. We both ate our plates clean! YUMMY!

Next up, we decided to try some cowboy boots on! We snapped a picture of me and then a lady came over and told us we were not allowed to take pictures. We didn't see the sign, so unfortunately, we didn't get a picture with Krissy in her boots! :(

(I decided to go with the classic plaid shirt and jeans. BTW, these Zana Di Jeans are my FAVORITE!!)

Funny story: We were walking to the arena when I started talking about how singing Karaoke was on my bucket list. Well, literally TWO MINUTES after that statement came out of my mouth, we saw KARAOKE in front of the arena. Well, you KNOW I had to take advantage of that. I told Krissy I was definitely going to do it and if she wanted, she could join me. I am a pretty good motivator, because she came up there with me! We sang Lady Antebellum's LOOKIN FOR A GOOD TIME! I had a blast. Pure adrenaline. I didn't get embarrassed at all. I am NOT shy at all. This was major proof! We sang in front of a TON of people waiting to get inside the arena for the concert!!!

(I also LOVE wearing my Northface Jacket. It keeps me soooooo warm when it's freezing outside!)

Jason Aldean LOVED our singing soooooo much, he came out and posed for a picture with us.

He even let me touch his butt!


It was FINALLY time for the concert!

Our seats were AWESOME!

The concert was super fun. I loved DANCING and SINGING my heart out! I'm so glad I got to enjoy it with my best friend too!


What is YOUR favorite concert that you've been to?


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