Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SLAYKE review

SLAKE was kind enough to send me their water to review!

Here's a little info about Slayke from their website:
The Slayke® product line is a natural antioxidant water beverage available in three varieties, Dymund®, Lava and Roobi®, containing zero calories, sodium, preservatives, sugar or artificial sweeteners. All three varieties contain Natural Tartaric Acid, the natural antioxidant that is found in grapes. Lava contains Annatto, a natural tropical seed that contains antioxidants and Roobi® contains Black Currant, a natural berry that contains antioxidants.

Now, for my review!

All of these tasted really pure! I really enjoyed that. Each different water had a very subtle flavoring. It wasn't very overpowering. If you are tired of plain ol' water, then you should definitely try some Slayke! It has just enough flavoring to satisfy those tastebuds!

If I had to choose an order of my favorite flavors, it would be like this:

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