Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fitfluential Appearance...

So, I mentioned awhile ago that I became a FitFluential Ambassador. You can learn all about that on this website:

Well, today, I was actually a GUEST POST on the website!

Check that out by clicking here!

I absolutely LOVE the FitFluential Community. Everyone is SO supportive.

Today was just an all around GOOD DAY!!!

My students were all listening and working well today, I heard "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw on the radio this morning (That's me and my daddy's song!), I was a guest post on FitFluential, I received TWO packages to review on my doorstep, and I did DANCE IT OUT.

What an AWESOME day!

I am STILL smiling just thinking about how awesome the Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan concert was on Friday night!!!!!!!!!!


BAD NEWS: Unfortunately, something happened with all of my previous comments. They disappeared for some unknown reason! But, I have emailed tech support and hopefully they can get it figured out!

GOOD NEWS:DON'T WORRY about the giveaway though, because I still have all the EMAILS of your comments!

If you haven't entered my CHOBANI GIVEAWAY, you have until this Saturday, March 3!

If you haven't entered my BOUNDLESS NUTRITION GIVEAWAY, you have until next Monday, March 5!


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