I am a COPY CAT.

so, I admit it, I'm a copy cat.

But, I promise it's a good thing.

I saw the advertisement for Hardees new

but...I wanted to make my OWN version at home because...

1) I thought it looked SUPER yummy
2) I had the required ingredients on hand
3) I wanted to try something new

well, I gave it a shot and it turned out GREAT!!!!!

First, I sauteed some mushrooms.
Next, I microwaved a veggie burger in the microwave.

Then, I put some swiss cheese on a sandwich thin (since I didn't have any hamburger buns) and broiled it in the oven.
After the cheese melted, I added the mushrooms on top.

Then, I put it all together and DEMOLISHED IT!
It was sooooooooooooo good!!!!

Definitely gonna do this again SOON.