Monday, May 9, 2011


Building 429 Concert!!!

I caught a free t-shirt at the concert!!! whoop whoop!!!

Getting ready for the concert to start...with my friends, Brooke, Krissy, and Nick.

Me and my friend (and future roomie for 2 months), Katie at her graduation party! So proud of her!

Katie at her graduation! We're standing with my small group leaders, Kim and Tristan, and Nikki flew in from SC to see Katie and Brooke graduate!

Brooke is in the middle. But, we snapped a pic with another friend, Casey, who graduated as well. Morgan and Courtney are with us!

I love Krissy! We just started hanging out this past year and I swear we are long lost sisters. We have so much in common and always have a blast hanging out!

The Austin Peay Graduates Fan Club! From the left: Me, Krissy, Nikki, Lauren, and Morgan. It was SO much fun sitting with my friends, good thing, because graduations take foreverrrrrr. haha

This is sweet baby Andi. I'm ready for another fun filled summer of babysitting!

Watch the video too...she's so sweet!

I just had to throw in a foodie pic...I'm currently diggin' sauteed mushrooms...

and...after I've eaten a handful by themselves, turning them into THIS lovely creation...

Turkey, Swiss, and Mushroom Omelette.


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elizabeth said...

Love all the pictures!! You look like you are having FUN FUN FUN!!! Love you so much!

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