Quest Bar Review

Quest Bars

Quest Bar was kind enough to send me their two flavors of their protein bars to try and review.

Here’s some information about Quest Bar:

· 20g of Protein

· No Sugar

· Gluten Free

· No Trans Fats

· Lots of Fiber to keep you full

Please visit their website at

Peanut Butter Supreme


WOW! I cannot believe how DELICIOUS this protein bar tastes! I love protein bars, but admit that sometimes they tend to have a little chalky taste to them. These did not have that chalky taste at all. No joke, if I was blindfolded and had to eat this, I seriously would have thought it was a Peanut Butter COOKIE! THAT’S HOW GOOD IT IS!!!

Vanilla Almond Crunch


I was blown away by the DELICIOUS flavor of this bar too! I had a bite right as I opened the package and it was YUMMY. Then, I put in the microwave for 20 seconds like the information sheet that Quest Bar sent with the bars said some of their customers enjoyed… and OH.MY.GOSH. it TOTALLY tasted like a cookie straight from the oven!!!! How in the world can something SO HEALTHY taste so good????? I’ll never know, but in the mean time, I will definitely enjoy it! ;)

YOU MUST TRY THESE FOR YOURSELF! THEY ARE SOOOOOO STINKING GOOD!!! I am pretty sure these are my new favorite bars!!!!Link


BlueEyedBarbie said…
Ive been dying to try these!