Monday, May 2, 2011


Sometimes, I like to eat junk food.

Sometimes, I like to eat LOTS of junk food.

and today was one of those days...

and you know what?

That's OKAY!

It's my daddy's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! I love you so much!

don'tcha love his cake? mom said that was the only one they had with "whipped icing" - which is my daddy's she had to go with it... pink flowers, orange trim, and blue letters...haha...if that doesn't say happy birthday old man, I don't know what does!



Anonymous said...

Some days we all need some junk food!!! That cake is awesome!! Happy birthday to your Dad!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you all enjoy that BEAUTIFUL birthday cake and celebrating your dad's (my wonderful son) birthday!!


Elizabeth Birdwell said...

LOVE it!! Wish I could eat junk food with you!! Love you so much!

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