Friday, December 2, 2011

Fitness Friday

Since my web address is and all, I figured it would be fitting to talk about my fitness plan for a change.

I LOVE working out. I was a little obsessed with it at one point in my life. You can read about that here.

I have definitely changed up my routine to include some FUN classes and I have never been happier! My favorites are Dance it Out, Zumba, and Spin! I am not a natural dancer by any means, so Dance it Out and Zumba are my outlet. I just go in there and not have a care in the world what others think of me. I also like to SING along while I'm dancing! :)

Check out these action shots my mom caught! haha

I also strength train 3 days a week. Muscle is awesome! I know a lot of women are nervous about getting bulky, but trust me, you won't! Strength training is a great way to create a lean, toned figure. I do a few sets of arm and ab exercises. I get enough work on my leg muscles from SPIN and the other cardio machines throughout the week, so I don't do leg strength workouts.

Here is my typical fitness plan for the week:

Monday- SPIN and Strength training
Tuesday- Stair Stepper 10 minutes and Elliptical 30 minutes
Wednesday - Zumba and strength training
Thursday- Stair Stepper 10 minutes and Elliptical 30 minutes
Friday- SPIN and strength training
Saturday- Dance it Out
Sunday- REST DAY

What's your favorite fun workout?


Shannon said...

I've never tried Zumba before but it looks like fun :)

Kristi @ Sweetly Fit said...

I love zumba! I used to regularly go to an awesome class but haven't been in a while. Don't know why I ever stopped because it is so much fun. I never felt like I was "working out" and it always flew right by!

Mary @ Fit and Fed said...

My favorite workout is definitely figure skating, that's why I skate so much! It's good to do some other things too for strengthening and just to mix things up, so I try to do some off-ice workouts too.

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