Thursday, March 29, 2012


Throughout my posts and product reviews, I talk about how I love when there is a lot of fiber in things! Fiber is SO good for your body. It keeps things moving along and can even help with maintaining a healthy weight! Fiber keeps you fuller for longer. The recommended amount of fiber that a person should consume on a daily basis is 25-30 grams. A lot of people don't get nearly enough... So, I wanted to share my favorite ways to eat fiber with you today!

1. Oatmeal! (If you check out my recipe tab, you will find TONS of recipes that include oatmeal. It's one of my favorite foods, because you can do SO much with it!) 

2. Apples - a regular sized apple has about 4 grams. I just love a juicy, crispy apple! :) 

3. Berries - strawberries are definitely my favorite. They also help curb my sweet tooth too! 

4. Cereal - I am a cereal killer... haha! I love eating cereal by itself or mixed with fruit and yogurt! There are lots of fiber filled cereals out there. My favorites are KASHI, FIBER ONE, and RAISIN BRAN! 

5. Popcorn - I like to get the 94% Fat Free kind. You can eat the WHOLE BAG for only 200 calories! Each bag also fills you up because it has fiber in it too. 

6. Whole wheat bread or tortillas - These are SO GOOD. I grew up eating white bread, but made the switch to wheat bread when I was in highschool. It tastes so much better and it's better for you! 

7. Carrots - I eat carrots like it's nobody's business!!! I snack on them while I'm cooking, eat them everyday at lunch, and just whenever I feel like it. One serving packs 2 grams of fiber for only 35 calories! 

 Check out this website for more ways to get more Fiber into your daily food intake: 

What are YOUR favorite ways to eat fiber???


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