Sunday, March 11, 2012

Protein Squared Review

Protein Squared was kind enough to send me some of their bars to review!

Here is some info from their website:

Finally, innovation meets nutrition. Your search for the perfect-sized low carb, high protein bar is complete! Introducing Protein Squared, an exponentially better bar with exceptional taste and less than 210 calories. P2 is perfect for snacking, meal replacement, and pre- and post-workout. Protein Squared is the only bar square for you!

Check out the awesome nutritional stats here!

Now, onto my review...

White Crispy Crunch. 11/10!
I loved the vanilla flavoring and chewiness! There were also rice krispie type crunchies on top as a bonus! This was Soooo good! Tasted more like dessert than a protein bar. But, good grief, this bar was PACKED with 30 grams of protein!!!! It was the perfect fuel for my fun night of bowling at the Bowl for Kids Sake!

*This bar was actually from MetraGeniX.* Here's some info about those bars...

MetraGeniX (often referred to as 2:1 Protein Bars) has 10 bars with varying ratios of protein to carbohydrates. Most of the MetraGeniX bars have 30 grams of protein. We have just introduced three new 20 gram protein bars that are gluten free, 100% natural (one of which is Cranberry yogurt – no chocolate!). The MetraGeniX line includes:

1:1 Almond Coconut (gluten free)

1:1 Black Cherry (gluten Free)

1:1 Cranberry Yogurt (gluten free)

2:1 Almond Caramel Crunch

2:1 Oatmeal

3:1 Granola Oatmeal (tastes like the P2 Granola Oatmeal but without the peanut butter drizzle)

5:1 Chocolate covered Pretzel

5:1 Chocolate Crunch (15 g of protein chocolate bar)

6:1 Peanut Butter Brownie

6:1 Cookies and Cream

7:1 White Crispy Crunch

Granola Oatmeal: 10/10! Check out the video for my review of this yummy square bar ;)

Please visit their website and try some of these great tasting bars for yourself!

They have lots of other flavors with chocolate in them for those of you who like chocolate.

Have you ever tried these bars? Which was your favorite?
If not, which flavor would you MOST like to try?!?



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