Friday, March 9, 2012

Fitness Gear: My MUST HAVES

1. Danskin Racerback Tank Top - I have one of these in like every color! I LOVE THEM! They are nice and comfy and are perfect for working out! I don't have to worry about pit stains with these tops! haha

2. Nike Dry Fit shorts - these shorts are super swishy and move with me while I'm working out. I used to wear soffee shorts all the time, but whenever I switched to these, I could NEVER go back! I also have 4 pairs of these shorts. I rotate them with all of my tops. Love to mix and match them!

3. Shoes - I know these are a given, but I make sure to buy QUALITY shoes. If your shoes aren't supportive, they will tear your feet apart and ultimately hurt you in the end. I am a money SAVER, but shoes are one item that I will spend a little more money on.

4. Reusable Water Bottle - I hate paying for bottled water because it's so much cheaper to have a reusable water bottle! My YMCA has a purified filter with ice cold water. Love it!

5. Ipod - I HAVE to listen to music when I workout. It's essential. I love jammin' to my music and I will admit, I am that person that sings and dances while on the cardio machines! ;)

I'm curious...
What are YOUR fitness gear MUST-HAVES!?!??

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