Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Notes, Gift Card, and Cake, OH MY!!

Today was my LAST day student teaching in 3rd grade.
I was NOT expecting anything, but was overwhelmed with sweetness today.
I got too many hugs to count, handwritten notes, a bracelet, a gift card, and cake was brought in!

My mentor teacher got me a gift card for a MASSAGE!!!!
I am SUPER pumped because I have never gotten a massage at a spa before!

Note said: "Thank you!! You are going to be a magnificent teacher, I believe. I will always keep memories of us together, and share them. You are gorgeous, amusing, and nice. I will miss Sparkle. Please don't forget me. I love you Ms. Kemmer. From, Sally."

Wow. I promise I will NEVER forget this class. I love them all!

How sweet is that?!?

Note said: "I will sure miss you when you leave to go to a different school. I have always loved Tuesday when we would play SPARKLE!! You have been the best student teacher I have ever had!!! I am sure sad that you are leaving tomorrow!! I hope you have fun at the other school!! I wish you good luck at your new school, and in your new classroom. From, Shelby"

Infinity Ball