Monday, March 12, 2012

Monkey Brains Review

Monkey Brains sent me some of their oatmeal and granola bars to review!

(Side note: these are perfect for me, since my family and friends say I act like a monkey ALL the time...haha)

Here is some info about Monkey Brains:

Monkey Brains Oatmeal is simply the perfect healthy breakfast for kids: just enough sugar to taste great, 100% whole grain rolled oats, 100% natural ingredients and NutraFlora, a prebiotic fiber to Improve Digestive Health. Truly, Monkey Brains Oatmeal is a healthy oatmeal for kids.

Dietitians recommend Monkey Bars as a healthy snack because our nutrition panel is perfectly balanced. Low sugar snacks are almost impossible to find. Not only are Monkey Bars a low sugar snack, but also a low sodium snack, too.

Monkey Bars and Monkey Brains contain a prebiotic fiber that improves digestive health by helping regulate the balance of friendly bacteria that already exists in the digestive system. The reason it is called “pre” biotic fiber is because it feeds your existing “pro”biotic fiber. The non-scientific description is that prebiotic fiber is food for your tummy.


Now, for my monkeylicious review:



The blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry oatmeal was incredibly fruity and filling. There were huge chunks of fruit in each package, that dissolved and spread after you added the boiling water to the oats, which gave it and extra fruity taste! The Maple Brown Sugar was fabulous as well. Nice and hearty!

The granola bars were SUPER chewy and incredibly tasty! They blended two flavors in each one. Blueberry Vanilla and Strawberry Vanilla! YUM YUM YUM!

Yes, these products are geared toward children, but trust me, they are JUST AS TASTY for adults! ;)

(Gotta take my tasty snack to the ballfield to see my brother! I'm SUPER proud of him. He is playing COLLEGE BASEBALL!!! )

Please visit their website:

What do you think your favorite Monkey Brains product would be?

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