Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break STAY-CATION Part 1

We are officially on Spring Break! I decided to have a STAY-CATION. I'm dog sitting to make some mooooolah! I've also planned many fun things throughout the week! 

First up: Sunday Night's small group meal was GUMBO. OH MY YUM! It had shrimp, (my favorite! I definitely dug around in the pot to pick out lots of it to put in my bowl! haha) chicken, and italian sausage! 

Sunday Night: I got my lesson plans outta the way so I don't have to worry about them the rest of the week! wahoooo!!!

Monday: I got to go to SPIN CLASS!!!!! YAY!!! I love the instructor, but the annoying part is that I can't take her classes because of student teaching. So I'm definitely taking advantage of all those classes this week!
Monday Night: SHOPPPPPPPPING!!! I got all that stuff in the picture! I racked up!

Tuesday: I went to a photoshoot with my mom so she can learn how to do studio pictures. It's always awkward how they make you turn your head and tilt it. haha. 

Next,  I went to DANCE IT OUT!

Then, went to the park with my bestie, Ashley, and her little boys. It was such a lovely day! Perfect weather!

Now, I'm waiting on my friend Krissy to come over so we can catch up!

This picture made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. 

I  ALWAYS notice grammar mistakes... anywhere I go!
I guess it's the teacher in me!

Do you like to have STAY-CATIONS every now and then? What's your favorite thing to do?


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