Thursday, March 1, 2012

How I Sneak Bits of Exercise Into My Day

I absolutely love working out.
That's NO secret.
But, today I wanted to share some easy tips with you how I sneak bits of exercise into my day.

1. When I'm drying my hair (which takes FOREVER by the way) I like to do butt squeezes and tighten my abs.

2. I park far away in the parking lot so I can get a few extra steps in. (*BONUS* You save gas when you don't have to search around for a close spot!)

3. When I'm grading papers, blogging, or studying for a long time, I like to take *FUN BREAKS* and DANCE! It not only relieves some stress, but it also gives my brain a mental break.

4. When I'm cooking dinner, I might do a few sets of calf raises.

5. When I'm carrying in my groceries, I like to challenge myself and carry all of the bags in at once! (works great for those arm muscles!)

6. I always take the stairs wherever I go! When I was younger, I used to take the stairs to race my brother (who took the elevator) and see if I could beat him to our room whenever we stayed in a hotel.

7. I LAUGH A LOT! (Great for those abs!) Life is too short - do something crazy! Have FUN! Don't feel embarrassed. Get out of your comfort zone and LAUGH at yourself if you make a mistake!!!

How do YOU sneak exercise into your day?!?


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