Friday, March 2, 2012

The Protein Cookie Review

The Protein Bakery from NZ was kind enough to send me some of their cookies to review!

Here is a little info from their website:

Apple Crumble

The Grab ‘N’ Go cookie provides you with sustaining energy you need to power your way through the day – The goodness of oats, whole grains & abundant natural fruit sugars keep you going for longer.

With the added bonus of the goodness of protein and loads of fibre, this cookie fills the hunger gap, keeping you feeling fuller for longer too!

As a quick and easy convenient breakfast on the go, or as an all day power-boosting snack, the Grab ‘N’ Go cookie has no added fat, or dairy products, is more than 99% saturated fat free, free of trans fats, artificial colours and flavours.

The protein and high fibre keeps you fuller longer!

Low Fat!
More than 97% fat free. Naturally No Trans Fats!

Less Calories!
30% less!*

More Potassium!
More than double the potassium of standard cookies*

Natural Sugars!
55% of Sugars* are natural fruit sugars from dried fruit!

Real Fruit!
26% dried fruit per cookie - equivalent to approx 106g fresh fruit per cookie!

Healthy Energy
High in complex carbohydrates (27% wholegrains) for sustained energy along with powerful antioxidants from raisins and apples.


The Protein Cookie

protein-cookie-logo After 1 ½ years in development we have launched a new product called "The Protein Cookie".

A moreish, yummy, soft baked, healthy snack serving as a great alternative to all the health/protein bars & shakes. Perfect for "people sick & tired of the bar scene!" Also a great indulgent snack, minus the guilt!

These cookies are great for energy, strength, speed, endurance, body building, recovery, dieting, Celiac, general health, injury and achieving the best quality of life.

What the Protein Cookie Contains:

  • High Protein (approx. 25%)
  • Low Carb
  • High Calcium
  • Low GI characteristics
  • Excellent source of fibre* (RDI 30-40g)
  • High quality ingredients
  • Natural sweetener Erythritol which aids the digestive system
  • Individually wrapped cookie - for freshness & hygiene
  • 12 months shelf life - no preservatives!
  • A baked, indulgent product** - Not just a protein bar shaped as a cookie


Now, for my YUMMY REVIEW:

The Apple Crumble: 11/10! This was my absolute favorite! The combination of cinnamon, raisins, and apples made my tastebuds excited! This cookie was DELICIOUS and filling too!!

Raspberry N' White Choc: 10/10! This flavor was sweet and tasty! The texture was unlike any other cookie I've tried, but I liked it! YUM!

Ginger N' Spice: 9/10! This flavor was good and had the same texture as the Raspberry N' White Choc.

I loved the nutritional stats on these cookies! They are packed full of PROTEIN (gotta feed those muscles!) and Fiber!!!

PLEASE hop over to their website and order some of these delicious PROTEIN cookies for yourself!

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