Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mini Triathlon Circuit Workout

Ever since I started student teaching, I haven't been able to attend my favorite group fitness classes during the week, since they are all at like 9:30am or later.

So, I decided to create a fun routine on my own!

Mini Triathlon Circuit Workout

10 Minutes on the StairStepper


15 Minutes on the Track
1 lap walking
3 laps running
1 lap walking
2 laps soccer shuffle
1 lap walking
100 jumping jacks
(REPEAT circuit)
(definitely not the track, but I wanted to add a fun and colorful picture to this post! haha)

10 Minutes on the Spin Bike

(I alternated the resistance every minute)

This workout made me work up a sweat and kept me from getting bored!


In other news, I painted my nails with a shiny silver color and had to show them off!

Talk to me...
What is YOUR favorite personalized workout routine?
What is YOUR favorite color to paint your nails?

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