Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oogave Soda Review

Oogave contacted me to review their soda!

Here's some info about Oogave:
We are completely natural, organic, vegan, kosher, caffeine free, gluten-free, and low-glycemic. We sweeten our soda only with 100% organic agave nectar and with only 100 calories per bottle, we are all the greatness of soda without the junk! We are a very family friendly product looking to provide all soda drinkers with a healthier, all natural alternative to the existing, artificial soda options.Link

Oogave's Mission Statement

To create fun, healthier, more thoughtful alternatives to traditional sodas. To share delicious sodas made from the amazing agave plant. To show the world that there are better-for-you beverage choices that are organic, natural, and made with socially and environmentally forward-thinking choices.

Core Values – “We believe . . . ”

. . . in caring about your health, about what goes into our products, and about what stays out of our products.

. . . in being part of something bigger than ourselves, supporting our people and our communities, promoting good health, and caring for the environment.

. . . that fun and delicious can play nice with healthier, natural, and organic ingredients.

. . . that you as a consumer can be conscious about what you put in your mouth and decide what is best for you.

. . . that agave nectar is Mother Nature’s gift to the human race, that it’s a righteous treat, and that it should be shared freely with our good friends and family.

Now, for my review...

I don't normally drink my calories, but since this was a healthy soda, I decided to treat myself.

There are only 100 calories in every bottle, so this was a nice little treat!

I liked all of the flavors. They had quite a few UNIQUE ones, which I really enjoyed. Here is my order of my most favorite to least favorite:

Watermelon Cream
Strawberry Rhubarb
Vanilla Cream
Ginger Ale
Mandarin Key Lime
Root Beer

My parents tried some of the Cola flavor and they liked it too!

I'm sure you will enjoy these fun and healthy sodas!
Check out their website:

Infinity Ball