Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rise Bar Review

RiseBar sent me a variety pack of their bars to review.

Here's some info about RiseBars:
Rise was created to fill a real need—to give people very specific bars, with different formulations, for various times of day. After all, your body needs a different sort of fuel first thing in the morning than it needs mid-afternoon. And your workout demands something else all-together. So give your body what it needs, whenever it needs it. With Rise.

We’ve been making simple, delicious, super-healthy nutrition bars under the names Boomi Bar and Prana Bar for more than a decade. Rise Bars feature the same formulas and commitment to unwavering quality under one name—we hope you like our new look.

Why eat RiseBar???
Every Rise bar is at least all-natural—that means no preservatives, non-GMO and non-sulfured fruit. We believe food can be tasty and healthy. And after more than a decade of making nutrition bars, we know that isn't a new idea. Our bars are proof—leading a gluten-free life can be very satisfying.
  • Crunchy Carob Chip Protein

  • ***********************************************************************
    Now, for my review!

    WOW. These bars were GREAT. There were 3 different types. Energy, Breakfast, and Protein.

    My favorite was definitely the Almond Honey Protein Bar! 10/10! The texture was soft and chewy and the flavor was off the chain delicious!!! It kept me full with the 20grams of protein!

    Next, I liked the Energy Bars. These had really chewy texture. The order of my favorite flavors were as follows:
    Cherry Almond, Raspberry Pomegranate, Blueberry Coconut, Coconut Acai, and Apricot Goji.

    The Breakfast Bars were wonderful as well. Some of them had sesame seeds in them and for some reason those just don't sit well with me when they are mixed in bars, so I didn't like those flavors as much. But, I will say that the Crunchy Cranberry Apple was such a sweet flavor! YUM YUM!!

    Please visit their website and give them a try!

    Infinity Ball